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Eco- Friendly ReturnsMaximize Customer Satisfaction with a Sustainable Supply Chain


"Consumers are 4x more likely to purchase from a company with strong brand values. And a whopping 77% are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy."

-Shopify | The Future of Commerce

71% Rise in Search for "Sustainable Goods" since 2016

52% of Shoppers Are Likely to Purchase from a brand with shared values

Online returns make up 20% of sales

69% of returned goods end up in the landfill

This allows a huge oppurtunity to your store to remarket itself sutainably

Here's how it works [video]


Your customer is smart.

They know that their return is wasteful.

Customers want to feel your brand reflecting their values.

If they wanted the lowest price... they would browse on Amazon
Show customers that your company cares about it's environmental impact
Customer does a good deed while returning your product
Environmental Responsibility is an essential concern of the modern e-commerce shopper
Customers are willing to spend more for an environmentally friendly product
Your customer does not want their return to end up in the trash
Enable a feeling of stewardship while creating a strong brand connection
Trust is the main currency of the future of ecommerce. Brands must be transparent, authentic, and readily available to their customers

Shopify- The Future of Commerce


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